The Christian Heart of Marriage and Morality…

… for a world that considers it heartless.

Christian morality has fallen on hard times in today’s world. The Christian understanding of marriage has taken even worse blows. Christians are “intolerant,” “homophobic,” “on the wrong side of history,” “against equality,” and to sum it all up, “haters.”

Or so the world is saying. You know better. You know God created humans to thrive best under his instructions for marriage and morality.

You know God’s ways are good: but do your children? 

Teens and pre-teens are getting hammered with the world’s anti-Christian message. And they’re confused. They’d sure like to think they could side with their friends, their public school teachers, and everything they’re hearing in the media and all over the Internet. They don’t know what to do with the point of view they’re getting at church and at home.

Critical Conversations Book Cover

Your parent-friendly guide to raising kids who will stand strong in the faith — no matter what the world may tell them

Tom Gilson is one writer whose insights I never miss—and this may just be his most significant work ever.”
—Alex McFarland, author, speaker, and director for Christian Worldview and Apologetics, North Greenville University

Your children’s lives are at risk.

It isn’t just their morality and marriages that are in danger — though that’s certainly bad enough. It’s their whole spiritual future, now into eternity.

There is a powerfully positioned, intentional, strategic assault being waged against their hearts and their minds. It’s an attack intended to undermine their relationships with you and with many others on earth, and their relationship with God for eternity.

This attack comes at them through the constant, sustained barrage of messages telling them God is wrong, their church is wrong, and you are wrong about marriage and morality. But not just that: the message pounding against them is that God’s word is immoral, the churches are hateful, and you are mixed up at best, but probably fully homophobic and intolerant.

This attack’s intent is to get your kids to hate God and the Christian faith.

Doubt me? Read the 1987 gay-activist strategy paper, The Overhauling of Straight America. which plans to portray pastors as hateful “beady-eyed” pulpit-pounders, Christians as intolerant victimizers, and gays and lesbians as upstanding innocent victims. Look at society today: who’s being portrayed as the victimizers and the victims?

They’ve had a strategy. It’s been working. They’re still attacking. And they’re aiming that attack straight at your children.

What if you could protect your children by standing against the attack with a loving and solid defense. Would you? Of course you would!

Critical Conversations is the defense you need. It clears away the confusion, overcomes the awkwardness, and explains in practical, parent-friendly terms how to start the conversations, how to deflect the deceit that’s aimed at your children, and how to explain the truth — while also building your relationship with your teen.

The world is hammering home a message that Christianity is hateful and wrong. Your teen’s spiritual future is at stake. Critical Conversations can make the critical difference.

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